Analysts anticipate growth in 2024 for these three cryptocurrencies

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Discover the latest buzz in the crypto market as Hedera, Bonk, and KangaMoon emerge as potential investment opportunities for 2024.

With a diverse list of cryptos, selecting which tokens to invest in can be overwhelming. However, among the long list of crypto options, certain tokens seem to be gaining traction due to their innovative features and technologies. For traders looking to identify crypto tokens to buy in 2024, then Hedera (HBAR), Bonk (BONK), and KangaMoon (KANG) could be worth exploring.

The three cryptos have been making waves due to their recent market performance, with Hedera soaring 100% after BlackRock’s tokenized fund news. Bonk, on the other hand, surged by 18.30%, causing a market frenzy as KangaMoon nears the $6M presale target, having sold 69% of the presale tokens.

CrediBull hints on potential Hedera and BlackRocks tokenized fund collaboration

In a turn of events, Hedera witnessed a surge in HBAR price of over 100% on Tuesday morning. The price of Hedera coin started from a low of $0.0875 and surged to reach a $0.1821 price mark by Wednesday. This rally was triggered by BlackRock’s tokenized fund (BUIDL) news, which raised expectations among the Hedera coin investors on a potential collaboration between Hedera protocol and the well-known asset manager. The news is probably what caused the price prediction for Hedera to increase.

However, the announcement also confused the Hedera investors who believed that BlackRock would directly tokenize the fund within the Hedera network. Moreover, upon a closer analysis of the announcement, crypto analyst CrediBull shed light on the situation by emphasizing that explicit permission from BlackRock was unnecessary to list the tokenized versions of their funds. Following the clarification, the price of HBAR was retraced to $0.1200 according to CoinMarketCap, but it still holds an 8% surge over the past day.

Bonk price rallies by 18.30% in a day

The recent surge in the price of Bonk seems to have attracted the attention of investors and traders. The Bonk price indicates an 18.305 surge within the last day. This uptick in the price of Bonkcoin has been accompanied by a rise in BONK coin trading volume, which also recorded a 28% surge.

However, as much as the price of the Bonk coin seems optimistic at first glance. Different underlying factors seem to be raising concern among the market participants. This includes Bonk coin’s 1-day RSI, which stands at 62.62, indicating a neutral position that suggests Bonk may not be decisively oversold or overbought at the moment. Trading at around $0.00001439 and $0.00002880, according to CoinMarketCap, Bonk remains a potential coin to invest in. Other analysts’ price predictions for Bonk have also backed this, showcasing a positive momentum in the coming days.

KangaMoon nears presale completion after selling over 70% tokens

KangaMoon has been positioning itself in the spotlight in the memecoin market by providing a platform that will change how people engage with memecoins. Through harnessing blockchain technology, KangaMoon will seamlessly integrate both GameFi and SocialFi models, providing a sustainable and scalable solution for its ever-growing community of meme and gaming enthusiasts.

Participants will be able to engage in different activities within the platform, including creating custom in-game characters, speculating or placing bets, and engaging in incentivized contests. Users can also trade rewards, including high-value in-game assets, within KangaMoon’s dedicated marketplace.

One of KangaMoon’s features is its commitment to inclusivity and sustainability, which fosters a community-driven ecosystem in which participants have a say. With a robust infrastructure and unique features, KangaMoon aims to redefine the decentralized finance landscape, making it a potential crypto coin for savvy investors.

In the meantime, KangaMoon continues to gain investor interest, having sold over 70% of the presale tokens. With a 290% ROI for early investors, the KANG tokens are going for just $0.0196.

To find out more about KangaMoon, visit the website or join the Telegram community

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