Best Nipple Cream For Breastfeeding: 5 Options for Fast Relief

Relief is in reach with our best nipple cream for breastfeeding roundup

If you’re starting to feel like nursing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, this one is for you. Yeah, we know it was a terrible pun, but we really do understand that sometimes breastfeeding isn’t the blissful experience you expected. That doesn’t mean it’s all bad, or that you’re not enjoying feeding your babe. It’s all just to say that there are some less-than-glamorous aspects, too. One of the absolute most common? Cracked, sore, raw nipples. Yikes. It just sounds painful, right? We get it, though, and we’ve been there. And one of the easiest remedies is—you guessed it—nipple cream.

best nipple cream

What is nipple cream, though, exactly? Well, consider what your nips are being put through when you breastfeed. It’s easy to end up with dry, cracked, sore, itchy, bleeding (omg) nipples. Nipple cream is formulated to treat and relieve all that so you can carry on and enjoy the awesome parts of nursing (the bonding, the quiet, the taking breaks from loud gatherings when your inner introvert needs it…). Nipple cream works by soothing and moisturizing the skin, plus protecting that sensitive tissue from future discomfort. As far as ingredients go, lanolin nipple cream is often most popular, a product made from sheep’s wool. Definitely avoid it if you have a wool sensitivity, and turn to products with coconut oil, olive oil, aloe, or shea butter.

A big bonus of these formulas is that they’re often made from natural and/or safe ingredients that lets you use them at the same time as breastfeeding. You don’t have to stop to wipe many nipple creams off when your little one is ready to eat. Definitely make sure to read packaging and follow the directions. We said many nipple creams are baby-friendly, but not all. Another bonus? You can use nipple cream for your lips, on dry elbows, cracked hands; there’s a good chance it’ll become a must-have even after your babe has weaned. Check out a few of our picks for the best nipple cream below.

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