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Binance to delist several perpetual futures contracts

Binance has warned users that it will remove several perpetual futures contracts from its listing.

The platform said Binance will remove STP, Status, MovieBlock, Radworks, and Convex contracts. The adjustment is a proactive measure aimed at aligning with market conditions and improving trading security.

Traders trading the listed contracts are advised to review their strategies to avoid potential liquidation of positions. This applies particularly to setting leverage.

After the update, which will take effect on May 13, Binance will prohibit opening new positions on contracts for STPTUSDT, SNTUSDT, MBLUSDT, RADUSDT, and CVXUSDT.

Binance Futures Trading also reserves the right to introduce additional protective measures without prior notice. This includes changes to the leverage limit, position values, maintenance margins for various levels, and other possible adjustments.

In related Binance news, a U.S. court sentenced exchange founder Changpeng Zhao to four months in prison on April 30 for his involvement in money laundering and other illegal activities.

The sentence turned out to be lighter than expected. It was initially assumed that the verdict on Changpeng Zhao would be announced on Feb. 23, but the hearing was postponed for more than two months. The prosecution requested 36 months in prison for the former head of Binance.

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