Biotech startup EVP explains R&D process and market trend impact of ultrafine bubble technology

Innovation is a crucial driver of progress in the fast-paced beauty and skin care world. In our video interview with Bob Jacobs, EVP of biotechnology startup Hydrosome, at the recent NYSCC Suppliers’ Day conference, we delved into their research and development process behind ultrafine bubble technology, the impact of their breakthroughs on beauty product formulators, and their plans to expand into the fermentation space.

Hydrosome has been at the forefront of pioneering ultrafine bubble technology “to redefine the essence and potential of water,” according to their company website. The technological innovation offers “lasting stability that enhances product efficacy through faster and better hydration and increased uptake of nutrients and other ingredients,” and “this extended stability not only boosts performance but also broadens the horizons of applications across sectors such as skin care, functional beverages, precision fermentation, and controlled environment agriculture,” the company website detailed.  

During the interview, Jacobs emphasized Hydrosome’s commitment to innovation. One of the most striking aspects of the conversation was the discussion surrounding Hydrosome’s impact on cosmetic and personal care product formulators. Hydrosome has empowered formulators to create more transformative products by providing access to groundbreaking technologies.

“Take your normal product that’s probably 60-90% water – that water can actually be turned into a functional ingredient,” said Jacobs. For example, Hydrosome technology can “make hyaluronic acid better, and through the water that’s already in the formula, that water can boost the hydration of the skin itself,” he explained. “We’ve shown significant improvement in the hydration into the epidermis and below the stratum corneum.” 

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