Book of Meme sees gains as Pepe Unchained ICO raises $1 million

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As bulls dominate the crypto market, Book of Meme surges 14% today. Pepe Unchained presale also stirs hype, surpassing $1M raised.

As bulls take control of the crypto market, Book of Meme is surging ahead, up over 14% earlier today.

And that’s not the only memecoin causing a stir. The new Pepe Unchained presale is generating hype, having just crossed the $1 million total raised milestone.

Memecoin interest revives, driven by Book of Meme

It has been a great 24 hours for memecoins, but few have outperformed Book of Meme.

It all started with the crypto market gaining pace today, up 1.8%. This is due to a presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, which resulted in calls for Joe Biden to step down due to a shaky performance.

That increases the odds of Trump regaining office, which would be bullish for crypto, with the former president endorsing Bitcoin throughout his ongoing campaign. But memecoins received the biggest tailwind from the debate, with the sector’s total market cap surging 3.8% today.

Business mogul and memecoin enthusiast Elon Musk highlighted this, tweeting that memes were the debate’s clear winner.

BOME jumped 15% earlier today, although it’s pulled back slightly since. However, it’s still up 6% today and is also at an 12% premium from last week. It is currently priced at $0.01007 with a $713 million market cap and a $215 million 24-hour trading volume, up 233% today.

The project’s recent price action has drawn interest from analysts.

“BOME is pumping hard with very low volumes, and this is a very bullish sign. Let’s wait and see if it manages to break the supply dominance zone. If it does, we’re going higher,” said Leo on X.

Meanwhile, commentator Zen predicts a move toward $0.013 in the coming days – almost another 30% gain.

Taking a longer-term outlook, esteemed trader Crypto Knight suggests BOME could be headed for $0.037.

BOME’s recent outsized strength indicates its high-octane growth could continue as the bull market advances.

And with its founder, Darkfarms, an acclaimed artist known for his Pepe artwork, the project has some of the strongest fundamentals of all memecoins. But it’s not the only Pepe-related token with strong foundations. New memecoin Pepe Unchained is another promising project. It is currently in its presale, which means investors can buy at low price.

Could this be the next memecoin to boom?

Pepe Unchained is no ordinary memecoin. It brings the memetic thrill of the OG Pepe while solving crypto’s most daunting issue: scalability.

Before layer 2 blockchains, users had to choose between decentralization and scalability (meaning speed and low fees). Today, you can have both. Layer 2s provide the decentralization and security of Ethereum with speed and fees that are incomparably better.

But Pepe Unchained is the first Pepe-themed cryptocurrency to build an Ethereum layer 2. Users can make transactions on Pepe Unchained that will be 100x faster and significantly cheaper than on the Ethereum main net.

A built-in bridge allows users to seamlessly transfer assets between Pepe Unchained and Ethereum. In keeping with crypto’s values of transparency and immutability, Pepe Unchained will have its own block explorer.

The project intertwines the playful nature of memecoins with unique blockchain features; it’s the foundation for crypto mass adoption.

Analysts are signing praises for Pepe Unchained. In a recent video, the 99Bitcoins YouTube speculated it could 10x after its presale.

The presale has raised $1.1 million so far. Investors can buy $PEPU for $0.0080964, but this price is expected to rise throughout the campaign. 

For more information, visit the Pepe Unchained presale website.

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