Cardano upgrades and Render releases Q4 2023 report as 15k users sign up for Pullix presale

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The crypto market is gearing up for a potential bull run. Cardano (ADA) is releasing a new version of its ClientLab, while Render (RNDR) recently shared its Q4 2023 performance index. Pullix (PLX) is gaining popularity, with 15k users already signed up in the ongoing presale.

15k users sign up in the ongoing Pullix presale

Pullix has raised nearly $5 million in the ongoing presale, with over 15,000 users signed up. 

The platform aims to solve problems related to liquidity and security breaches using its hybrid approach. 

It is a non-custodial exchange, which means investors can secure their funds by themselves, ensuring improved trust and eliminating third-party intervention. 

Presale participants will get a 10% bonus. There is also an ongoing Meme contest where the platform will give a grand prize of $250, with the second and third runners-up getting $100 and $50, respectively.

CoinGecko has already listed PLX.

Cardano launches new ClientLab version

Cardano has released a new version of ClientLab, called v0.5.1, which supports Conway Era. 

This version has been integrated with the QuickTX Governance API, allowing users to register DRep, create proposals, delegate, and vote using their accounts. 

With the platform’s development focused on improving user-friendliness, the Cardano ecosystem may see more community engagement.

Render releases Q4 2023 report

Render’s Q4 2023 report shows that the platform grew to 3,026,317 from 2,345,476 recorded in the previous quarter. 

Its social media metrics are also increasing, with 122k X followers, 4k on Instagram, 3.4k Medium, and 1.7k reads. 

This improvement highlights the rise in engagement and interest in the content being pushed out by Render. 

RNDR prices rose by 20% in the past week.

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