Clarifications, predictions, blueprints: Inman’s Top 5 stories

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Looking for a quick catch-up on the buzziest stories of the week? Here’s Inman Top 5, the most essential stories, according to Inman readers.

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In an email, the 1.5 million member trade group specified when agents would have to have signed written agreements with buyers, but stressed NAR would not dictate the agreements’ terms.

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Keller Williams president and CEO Mark Willis spoke about his return to the Texas franchiser and how commission lawsuits could spark an intense round of brokerage and agent consolidation.

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HomeServices was potentially on the hook for the remaining $4.7 billion in damages from an Oct. 31 jury verdict in Sitzer | Burnett, which awarded plaintiffs $5.3 billion.

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Change is coming, so it’s time to make sure you’re leaning into the potential of a listings-based business, Jimmy Burgess writes. Nothing helps do that better than geographic farming.

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Expressing your value to clients begins with knowing yourself, writes mega-team leader Carl Medford. You cannot articulate what you have never taken the time to determine on your own.

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