College sees strong yield for students accepted to Class of 2028  

Eighty-four percent of students accepted to the Class of 2028 have decided to attend Harvard College this fall, a slight increase from last year. The strong yield indicates that Harvard continues to be a top choice for many of the world’s most promising students.

Financial aid was a critical factor. Approximately 55 percent of the class will receive need-based aid, and the average parent contribution for students receiving aid is $15,500. Nearly one-quarter (23.4 percent) of the admitted class will attend Harvard with no parent contribution.

“It’s exciting to hear from so many incoming students and their families about the importance of our generous financial aid in their decisions to come to Harvard,” said Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid William Fitzsimmons.

A new launch grant program, announced last fall, has expanded support for students with family incomes below $85,000, providing $2,000 during junior year as students prepare for life after graduation.

“The launch grant complements a $2,000 start-up grant that ensures students have a smooth transition to life at Harvard,” said Griffin Director of Financial Aid Jake Kaufmann. 

First-generation students make up 20.3 percent of the class. Pell recipients make up 20.4 percent, and students requesting an application fee waiver make up 29.4 percent.

The Class of 2028 is made up of 53.2 percent women and 46.8 percent men. Additionally, 13 transfer students will join the College this fall. Harvard continues to successfully recruit from the military, enrolling 19 veterans for the Class of 2028. The class also includes 23 students who received ROTC scholarships.  

A robust recruitment effort by faculty, staff, alumni, and students supported the application cycle. Thousands of volunteers helped interview applicants and recruit students through college fairs. Admissions officers visited some 150 cities in the U.S.

“Our recruitment efforts are only as good as the staff and volunteers who are committed to seeking out our most promising students. The Class of 2028 represents the best of these kinds of efforts,” said Director of Admissions Joy St. John. 

The incoming class includes students from all 50 states and the U.S. territories: New England (17 percent); Mid-Atlantic (20.2 percent); South (16.1 percent); Midwest (9 percent); Mountain (2.5 percent); Pacific (14.9 percent); Central (1.6 percent); and U.S. territories (.4 percent). International citizens, representing 94 countries, comprise 16.7 percent of the class.  

Prospective social science concentrators make up 36.9 percent of the incoming first-years while 12 percent of students expressed interest in the humanities. More than 25 percent of students expressed interest in the sciences (15.5 in the life sciences, 10 percent in the physical sciences) and 22.9 percent in studying computer science and engineering. Only 1.7 percent declared themselves undecided.

A record number of admitted students (1,304) attended Visitas in April. Expanded programming included opportunities to attend actual or sample sessions of four iconic Harvard courses (CS50, Econ10B, Human10B, and LifeSci1A) and engage with faculty; there was also an option to attend virtually as well. Many students reported that their decision to come to Harvard was influenced by Visitas and other outreach conducted during the month of April by faculty, students, and alumni. 

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