Consumer survey reports growing 'sunxiety' is fueling demand for multi-functional sunscreens

Growing sunxiety fuels consumer demand for multi functional sunscreens

A recent study conducted by behavioral research company Veylinx has highlighted a significant increase in “sunxiety,” or anxiety about sun exposure, among consumers, leading to a heightened demand for multi-functional sunscreens. According to a recent press release, the June 2024 study involved 1,609 U.S. consumers and revealed critical insights into consumer preferences and behavior regarding sun protection.

Rising ‘sunxiety’ and the demand for enhanced sunscreen products

The study found that while 71% of consumers enjoy sun exposure, 38% never feel fully relaxed due to fears of skin damage. Over 60% reported burning very quickly, and 41% expressed concern about skin damage, indicating a growing awareness of the risks associated with UV exposure.

Additionally, as reported in the press release, the study noted a significant rise in Google searches for “what does skin cancer look like,” underscoring the increasing anxiety around sun exposure.

As a result of these increased concerns, consumers are not just seeking essential UV protection but are looking for sunscreens that offer additional benefits. The study found that products with anti-aging benefits saw a 49% increase in demand, while hydrating products experienced a 33% boost, and those containing vitamin C increased by 23%.

These enhanced sunscreens are more popular and target a higher retail price point, demonstrating a lucrative opportunity for manufacturers.
As reported in the press release, top brands benefiting from this trend include Neutrogena, Cerave, and Supergoop. These brands have successfully integrated additional benefits into their products, meeting consumer demand for more than sun protection.

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