Crypto Guru predicts shiba inu price rally, WienerAI to surge

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WienerAI stirs buzz, fueled by a crypto expert’s forecast and a $7M presale triumph.

Memecoins remain the most talked-about crypto niche, with a lot of excitement surrounding two unlikely players.

A crypto expert’s recent forecast has investors hyped about Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) next move. But there’s a twist – the expert also has his eye on WienerAI (WAI), an up-and-comer that has raised over $7 million in presale.

Shiba Inu in trouble as token crashes to 4-month low

Shiba Inu has been taking a beating. The memecoin’s price has crashed to $0.000013, representing a 13% drop in the past 24 hours.

And that’s not all – SHIB is now down 26% since last week. The token looks on track to post its fifth straight red weekly close. If that wasn’t rough enough, this could be SHIB’s worst week in over a year. It is now trading at lows not seen since early March.

But the bleeding doesn’t stop at the price. Open interest has also taken a hit, dwindling to a mere $33 million.

This drop in open interest suggests a lack of confidence from traders, showing that they’re stepping away from the token—at least for now. However, despite all this doom and gloom, spot volumes actually increased by 77% in the last day.

It’s a head-scratcher, for sure. These rising volumes could be traders attempting to “catch a falling knife,” or it might be a sign of opportunistic buying.

Crypto expert believes Shibacals could ignite a SHIB comeback

Although things look dire for SHIB, one crypto guru has an interesting take on the token. YouTuber ClayBro isn’t sugar-coating it – SHIB’s been through the wringer. But he believes things could be about to change.

In his recent video, ClayBro noted that Lucie, Shiba Inu’s marketing whiz, is cooking up something special with “Shibacals.”

Shibacals is a new idea in the Shiba Inu ecosystem that aims to create physical representations of NFTs.

And ClayBro believes it could lead to some serious SHIB burns down the line. ClayBro notes that the development team has been promising burns from their projects for ages, but it’s been all talk.

The Shiba Inu community has been doing all the heavy lifting when it comes to burns. So, it could be a big deal if Lucie and the team follow through with Shibacals.

Fewer SHIB tokens in circulation would mean a tighter supply – and potentially higher prices.

Expert also backs WienerAI after it hits $7M in presale

ClayBro’s not just talking about SHIB these days. He’s also got his eye on another dog-themed token: WienerAI.

In his latest video, released yesterday, ClayBro talks about Shiba Inu but pivots to discussing this new project.

So, what’s got ClayBro so excited about WienerAI? For starters, it’s raked in over $7 million in presale funding.

That’s no small feat, especially considering the bearishness in the crypto market right now. ClayBro is also particularly excited about WienerAI’s staking rewards.

These rewards are estimated at 161% per year, and more than 6.4 billion WAI tokens have been locked up already. With yields like that, it’s no wonder investors are taking notice.

Then there’s WienerAI’s flagship feature – the AI-powered trading bot. Investors can use this bot to identify high-potential buying opportunities backed by objective analysis.

Crypto Guru predicts shiba inu price rally, WienerAI to surge - 2

The bot can then execute trades on different DEXs with zero fees.

As noted in WienerAI’s whitepaper, it’ll even offer protection from front-running programs.   All of this is wrapped in a hilarious sausage dog theme, adding a fun twist to these AI tools.

ClayBro’s not shy about revealing that he’s invested in the WienerAI presale. This is a vote of confidence from someone who’s been involved in the crypto space for years.

So, while Shiba Inu might be struggling right now, ClayBro still sees promise in WienerAI to deliver positive returns.

For more information, visit the WienerAI presale website.

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