Ethereum and Litecoin holders eye Kelexo P2P lending platform

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Kelexo garners attention for its innovative P2P lending platform, drawing interest from Ethereum and Litecoin holders.

Kelexo (KLXO) is a blockchain project that brings to life the concept of a decentralized P2P lending platform where loan lenders and borrowers are free to interact with each other away from the influence of a third party.

Now in the second stage of its presale, Kelexo has revealed details of its P2P lending platform, which has driven even more investors to participate in its presale.

Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) investors are just two of the many investors considering buying Kelexo before its presale tokens run out.

Ethereum hits $3600 in new gain burst

Following two weeks of price lulls and weekly losses, Ethereum has finally hit another growth spurt just ahead of the start of 2024’s second quarter.

This gain spurt has Ethereum hitting $3,600 for the first time since 5th March, just a few weeks ago.

This growth spurt comes at a great time when Ethereum holders are set to buy up Kelexo presale tokens en masse.

Litecoin appreciates value, spurs Investors to invest in Kelexo

Litecoin tends to follow on the heels of the big coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum and this week has not been an exception. It’s important to highlight that although these two big coins lost value early on during the last two weeks, Litecoin held out for a bit.

Last week, Litecoin succumbed to the market’s lull and fell from $88 to $82. But unlike its lulls, Litecoin is quite sensitive to the market’s gains and has quickly picked up in the last 24 hours to sell at $90.

Litecoin investors are also following Ethereum investors in investing in the new P2P lending platform Kelexo.

Kelexo’s project idea gains traction with ETH and LTC investors

Kelexo has gained great traction in its presale with the revelation of its P2P lending platform, which creates a marketplace for the direct interaction of loan lenders and borrowers.

Some of the unique features attached to Kelexo’s platform include the following:

●       A transaction fee-free token swap service that allows users to swap currencies easily

●       No KYC or identity documents are required

●       Lesser fees

●       No third party.

Kelexo is in the second stage of its presale and each token is selling fast at a low price of $0.05.

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