Ethereum schedules Dencun upgrade for network efficiency, Layer-2 support

The Ethereum network is set to undergo the Dencun upgrade on Mar. 13, introducing key scalability enhancements.

Ethereum developers have set the deployment of the Dencun upgrade for slot number 8626176, aiming to enhance the network’s functionality.

Scheduled for activation in one month’s time, the upgrade introduces the proto-danksharding feature with EIP-4844, according to Tim Beiko of the Ethereum Foundation.

The feature brings blob transactions and transient storage to improve Ethereum’s support for Layer 2 networks like zkSync, Optimism, and Arbitrum. This allows for more transaction data without extending block processing times.

Incorporating of “data blobs” through EIP-4844 is a significant step towards addressing data storage needs, facilitating the inclusion of additional data in Ethereum transactions.

The Dencun upgrade has undergone a series of test deployments on various testnets, including Goerli on Jan. 17, Sepolia on Jan. 30, and Holesky on Feb. 7, ensuring its readiness for the main network.

Ethereum’s (ETH) price has seen a notable rise, with an increase of 6.44% in the past week, which brings the price to $2,425.38 per ETH,

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