Girls Romancing On Moving Scooter Sparks Outrage: Cops Issue Rs 33,000 Fine [Video]

Festival of colours, Holi, was just celebrated in many parts of India recently. On such occasions, we do come across several videos of traffic rules violations. The recent one is from Uttar Pradesh’s Noida, where two girls sitting on a moving scooter ridden by a man can be seen romancing. They were actually acting for the camera to create viral content for social media. The video went viral, and cops took action against the offenders.

There are two videos, and they have been shared by Nabila Jamal, who is a journalist by profession. There are two videos shared on her profile. The first video shows two girls sitting as pillions on the scooter which is ridden by a man. The girls are sitting in such a manner that they are facing each other. Their faces and dresses are covered in color as they were playing Holi.

In this video, the girls were actually acting for the camera to create viral content. They were acting to a very popular romantic song from a Bollywood movie. In order to do justice to the song, it looks like the girls started romancing too. They were hugging and were even acting as if they were kissing each other on video. This was all happening on a public road, and none of them were wearing any type of safety gear of any sort.

In the second video, we see only one girl. The girl wearing a black color dress is standing on the seat of the scooter. The rider was not very confident with the way she was standing; however, he decided to go ahead anyway. Once the scooter started moving, the girl lifted her hands and started waving them in the air. After riding for a few meters, the rider applied brakes which the girl was not ready for.

As soon as the rider applied brakes, the girl lost balance and fell on the road. This stunt was also done on a public road and without any safety gears. She was extremely lucky to have escaped without any injuries.

She was not expecting the rider to stop the scooter, and she had no place to hold in case the rider stopped. She had put all her weight on the rider, and when the rider moved, she lost her balance and fell down.

Girls doing stunts on scooter
Girls doing stunts on scooter

The video went viral almost immediately and received a mixed response from viewers. Noida Traffic Police also came across the video and wrote, “Taking cognizance of the above complaint, action has been taken against the concerned vehicle for violation of traffic rules by issuing e-challan (fine Rs 33,000/-) as per rules.”

The fine has been issued for riding a two-wheeler dangerously, without riding helmets, and also for performing stunts on a public road without prior permission from concerned authorities. In total, 6 offenses have been registered against the rider and the vehicle. Once again, this is an extremely dangerous trend.

If you really want to record such videos for social media platforms, it is always recommended to go for private properties or closed tracks. This way, you won’t be distracting or creating inconvenience for other road users and can also create content.

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