India’s Most Powerful Modified Honda Civic Makes 450 BHP [Video]

Honda Civic is one of the most popular sedans in India among enthusiasts. We have come across several videos and images of neatly modified older-generation Honda Civic sedans from different parts of the country. In most cases, the owners of these Civic sedans opt for cosmetic changes to give them a sportier look. We have only a few examples of Civics in the country with performance mods. Here, we have India’s most powerful Honda Civic, modified by Race Concepts, which generates around 450 hp.

The video has been shared by Race Concepts on their YouTube channel. The modification is done on an 8th-generation Honda Civic sedan. The car may look stock on the outside, but under the hood, it is far from stock.

The exterior of the car gets modifications like a matte grey or black wrap, bonnet scoops, a blacked-out front grille, aftermarket headlamps with projectors, clear lens smoked LED tail lamps, aftermarket bumpers both at the front and rear, bronze-colored alloy wheels, bumper clips, a tailgate-mounted spoiler, and so on.

One may think it is a usual RICER Civic, but it is the most powerful Honda Civic in the country. Race Concepts believe in making modifications to the existing engine to generate more power so that the car stays true to its roots. Speaking about the modifications on this car, the Civic gets fully adjustable coilover suspensions, upgraded drilled and vented brake rotors, pads, and brake lines.

In the engine, the car gets a top-of-the-line G-Series Garrett turbocharger with a front-mounted intercooler, custom plumbing, and an external wastegate. The car also gets forged internals. The Honda Civic runs on a stage 4 clutch and high-flow injectors. It also gets a cold air intake among many more modifications.

Honda Civic modified
Honda Civic modified

The car seen here is a proper sleeper. It also gets an aftermarket exhaust system which has a lovely grunt to it. With all these modifications in place, the Honda Civic generates about 450 hp.

The car generates around 402 hp at the wheels, making it one of the quickest and fastest Honda Civics in the country. The founder of Race Concepts mentions in the video that they have conducted a lot of research for this particular project. They wanted to show how one can get supercar-like performance from an everyday street-friendly car.

The founder mentions that the Honda Civic is a car with high modification potential, and that is one of the reasons why we have several modified Civics not just in India but around the world. After making these modifications, the owner of the car has taken the Civic for a couple of drag races, and he has also driven the car extensively on highways.

He mentions that the service interval of the car has definitely come down with these modifications in place. However, this has never affected the overall drivability. One can still drive this car like a regular 4-door Civic. With an engine that is tuned to generate around 450 hp, it is without a doubt one of the coolest and fastest Honda Civics we have in the country.

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