Investors exiting LidoDAO and ApeCoin to explore new crypto project

From early September, LidoDAO (LDO) prices fell. ApeCoin (APE) followed suit but more investors are exploring a new crypto project, (DOMI).

LDO drops following contract exploit

On Sep. 10, blockchain security firm SlowMist revealed that Lido’s code doesn’t follow the guidelines set by the ERC-20 token standard, allowing users to conduct transactions despite a lack of funds. 

Experts believed this loophole made LidoDAO vulnerable to hacks. In response to SlowMist’s post, LidoDAO assured users that their LDO and sETH tokens were safe and secure.

Following this news, LDO dipped by 4.1% from $1.53 to $1.47 between Sep. 10 and 13. 

Investors also linked this dip to recent news and a US court permitting FTX to sell coins and repay creditors.

Although LDO fell, analysts are bullish. 

APE drops despite voting

On Sep. 8, ApeCoin said community members could vote for four new proposals to expand its ecosystem. Experts speculated that this news might support APE prices.

However, APE remains under pressure. Between Sep. 8 and 13, APE plunged by 16.4% from $1.35 to $1.13. 

Investors attributed the drop to the broader negative crypto sentiment, partly because the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) delayed its decision to approve Ethereum Futures ETFs and spot Bitcoin ETFs.

APE traders are, nonetheless, bullish, pointing to the favorable indicators in the monthly chart.

Investors turning to is an art marketplace aiming to democratize access to blue-chip art via fractionalization. 

While traditional marketplaces are expensive and allow little diversification, enables investors to diversify their portfolios by exploring various art genres. The platform also provides consultation services for art investors who need help with their investments.

The portal provides investors with personalized investment recommendations based on their investment goals. In addition, DOMI holders can unlock additional privileges, such as tiered memberships and exclusive discounts, and access new blue-chip art. DOMI is a deflationary ERC-20 token. is currently in the beta stage of its presale. DOMI prices will rise 25% from $0.0021 to $0.002625 in the next phase. Presale investors can also receive a 10% bonus.

Learn more about DOMI here:

Visit Domini presale | Join our community

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