KangaMoon enters CEX listings, competition escalates with Maker DAO and Aave

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Rivalry between Maker DAO and Aave intensifies, and KangaMoon announces its new centralized exchange listing.

The previous gloominess that took the crypto market by storm is starting to fade as we experience new upgrades and developments from several altcoins in the market, including the likes of Aave and MakerDAO. While Aave coin qualifies for possible price hike this year due to Aave protocol upgrade, MakerDAO rivals the token with its stablecoin upgrade that focuses on growth. On the other hand, top crypto investors are considering diving into the memecoin market now that KangaMoon (KANG) memecoin has announced its upcoming listing with BitMart exchange platform.

Maker token to benefit from MakerDAO’s stablecoin launch

The governing body behind the Maker Protocol, MakerDAO, is introducing two new stablecoins that will replace DAI (its initial stablecoin). This new stablecoins namely PureDai and NewStable signal as a new development for Maker token, by enabling better community involvement.

In the announcement, it was revealed that the PureDai stablecoin will use only decentralized assets like Ethereum while NewStable will focus on regulatory compliance and mass-market adoption with a USD peg and real-world asset backing. In addition, holders of Maker token will now be able to upgrade to NewGovToken (a new governance token) at a 1:24,000 ratio, potentially boosting the value and stability of MKR token.

Aave token could outperform top altcoins with protocol upgrade

Following recents updates from Aave social media platforms, the crypto network has made plans to improve its DeFi market lending protocol with Aave V4. This upgrade is expected to make Aave protocol more flexible, reduce the need for governance, and make better use of capital. 

These upcoming Aave developments can potentially benefit the Aave token by improving the protocol’s capabilities and efficiency. The enhanced capital efficiency, risk management, and scalability could significantly bolster the utility and demand of Aave token. As Aave Labs solidifies its protocol as a key solution in the DeFi market, these developments could attract more investors to the Aave token.

KangaMoon announces CEX listing 

KangaMoon is a new memecoin that has gained popularity in the memecoin market and is expected to see more attention and traction now that it has announced its first listing. In an X post, KangaMoon specifically informed its supporters that its KANG token will be listed on BitMart soon, which has sparked considerable interest from the investor market.

So far, KangaMoon has raised over $6.8M in presale revenue and attracted over 23,000 community members, consisting of 6,000 plus token holders. Meanwhile, there are predictions that it could possibly raise over $8M by the time it launches. Given the projected growth of the GameFi market, estimated to reach $8.86 billion by 2028, the long-term potential appears more promising. 

Meanwhile, KangaMoon’s gameplay strengthens its stance as one of the memecoins gaining traction. The main appeal lies in its unique native token; KANG. With the KANG token, users can buy in-game items and improve their gameplay. In addition, KangaMoon rewards KANG holders with exclusive challenges even during its presale. These challenges only require holders to share and comment on KangaMoon’s posts. 

Also, while at its bonus stage now, the token’s value has risen significantly to $0.025 from $0.005, delivering early investors with up to 400% return for their investment. It is anticipated that the token could experience a 1000% surge after BitMart listing. Eventually, it could become the leading crypto for GameFi gains this year.

KangaMoon challenges MKR and AAVE in the altcoin market

After its presale performances, KangaMoon anticipated listing on Bitmart exchange further highlights its potential to live up to expectations. This includes hitting the $1 price mark before the end of the year, potentially ranking it among other leading crypto coins like MakerDAO and Aave tokens.

To learn more, visit the official Kangamoon website or follow the project via Telegram.

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