Kroger integrates premium beauty products with everyday essentials to transform shopping experience

Kroger integrates premium beauty products with everyday essentials to transform shopping

In an era where beauty shoppers are flocking to specialty retailers like Sephora and Ulta, traditional grocery stores have largely been left out of the high-end beauty market. We interviewed Chris Brown, Senior Vice President of Kroger Sales for Advantage Solutions and Shelley Sullivan, Founder & CEO of MCoBeauty to discuss how Kroger aims to change this dynamic by integrating premium beauty products from MCoBeauty alongside everyday essentials.

This move not only aims to retain shoppers who typically leave grocery stores for their beauty needs but also to provide a value-priced alternative to luxury brands right where customers do their regular shopping.

CDU: Could you elaborate on the decision behind integrating premium beauty products alongside everyday essentials in grocery retail stores? What factors influenced this trend? ​  

Chris Brown (CB)​: We’ve seen beauty shoppers migrate to the Ultas and Sephoras of the world, and there’s been very little action in traditional grocery to compete with these retailers.

A value priced offering that competes with higher-end brands like MCoBeauty has largely been absent, and grocers like Kroger are capitalizing on the opportunity to retain these consumers. The same shoppers that are in their stores every day for items such as meat, frozen, and fresh produce are not buying cosmetics.

Those shoppers are traveling to retailers like Sephora, Ulta, and even Walgreens and Walmart. By bringing in MCoBeauty, Kroger is trying to keep those shoppers in its own stores.   

CDU: MCoBeauty seems to be pioneering this movement in the U.S. market. What motivated the decision to launch in over 1,700 Kroger stores specifically, and how has the partnership with Advantage Solutions facilitated this expansion? ​  

CB​: MCoBeauty’s strategy in Australia was to use channel-exclusive partners. In Australia, the largest grocery chain is Woolworths. Its counterpart in the U.S. is Kroger. It was important for MCoBeauty to use channel-exclusive partners, and Kroger was a natural fit.   

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