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Amidst the recent buzz surrounding scent marketing, Maison 21G has emerged as a steadfast innovator, poised to elevate the industry to new heights. While the brand has long been celebrated as the premier destination for bespoke personalised perfumes, Maison 21G has now set its sights on revolutionizing the world of scent marketing. With a portfolio boasting collaborations with prestigious brands such as Marina Bay Sands, Mandarin Oriental, Hennessy, Glenmorangie, Suntory, Coach, and Rolls-Royce, Mc Laren, Max Mara,…Maison 21G is not only redefining luxury scent design but also reshaping the way brands engage with their audiences through scent. This dynamic evolution underscores Maison 21G’s commitment to delivering unparalleled sensory experiences that capture the essence of luxury and elegance.

The Journey Of  Serendipity

Maison 21G’s journey to becoming a key leader in scent marketing was a fortuitous blend of opportunity and serendipity. Guided by the visionary leadership of Johanna Monange, a former Nose for esteemed perfume houses like Armani, Viktor & Rolf, and Maison Margiela, Maison 21G embarked on a journey into uncharted territory within the realm of scent design. Departing from conventional perfumery, Johanna Monange identified a burgeoning market where luxury brands across diverse sectors, from hospitality and retail to automotive and fashion, were in search of bespoke scent solutions.

Crafting a signature scent is akin to breathing life into a brand’s essence. When entrusted with a project, Johanna Monange, the founder,  delves deep into the brand’s rich history, personality, and values. Embarking on a sensory odyssey, she collaborates closely to shape a fragrance that seamlessly embodies the brand’s DNA. Each stage of the process, from the initial spark of inspiration to the final fragrance composition, underscores Maison 21G’s commitment to authenticity and collaboration. Each brand’s vision serves as her guiding light, ensuring that the resulting scent transcends mere fragrance to become an authentic reflection of the brand’s essence.

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Revolutionising Scent Design for Prestigious Brands

In the world of scent, Maison 21G’s influence transcends industries, leaving an indelible mark on global brands. From luxury car showrooms to esteemed five-star hotel sanctuaries and high-end retail boutiques, their bespoke creations have woven olfactory narratives across diverse sectors. Maison 21G has had the honour of curating bespoke fragrances for prestigious brands, delivering unique olfactory experiences that elevate their identity.

For Rolls Royce VIPs, they crafted a luxurious reed diffuser coffret, infusing opulence and sophistication into every scent. Collaborating closely with Lamborghini, Maison 21G designed a bespoke fragrance to complement their vehicles, enhancing the showroom experience for discerning clientele.

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Their signature scents grace Piaget boutiques with timeless elegance, captivating luxury watch enthusiasts and jewellery connoisseurs alike. Charles and Keith boutiques offer a warm shopping experience, heightened by Maison 21G’s bespoke sage and leather fragrance, reflecting the brand’s modern aesthetic. Glenmorangie’s whisky boutiques transport enthusiasts to the Scottish Highlands with bespoke scents made with a unique oak wood extract that tell the story of their favourite whiskeys. Roku Gin recently partnered with Maison 21G for a limited edition spring scent inspired by their new Sakura Gin.

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“The collaboration we did with Maison 21G with Roku Gin to launch a limited edition scent was a really exciting and successful project. The team at Maison 21G was super professional and a total joy to work with – they are fun, innovative, and absolutely visionary in their approach to consumer marketing and knowing what excites consumers. It was the first time we ever collaborated with a luxury perfumer on an innovation project and I’m already excited thinking about the future possibilities already between our brands.” – Roku Gin, Marketing Director.

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Their partnerships extend to luxury hospitality, with bespoke scents created for Mandarin Oriental Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa Singapore and prestigious Marina Bay Sands Hotel, enriching the guest experience with an atmosphere of wellness and indulgence and bespoke wellness gifts for their suites. Additionally, Maison 21G designed a custom scent for Kearney’s Dubai headquarters, promoting relaxation and focus among employees. Notably, their founder collaborated with the Princess of Qatar, creating a gentle fragrance for her newborn with soft Sakura florals, white tea, Hinoki wood, Sencha Black pepper and musk.

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Beyond fragrance creation, Maison 21G offers immersive experiences through Perfume Creation Ateliers. These experiences, ideal for team-building events and customer engagement initiatives, allow participants to embark on a sensory journey of self-discovery, fostering deeper connections and creating lasting memories.

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Their diverse collaborations include working with Max Mara in Dubai and Singapore for their new collection reveal, but also launching a new car diffuser for Ferrari and Infiniti across Asia, introducing the Infiniti electric car in Saudi, and partnering with Unilever in Singapore and China for management training on the importance of the fifth sense.

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Maison 21G continues to craft enchanting olfactory tales for both brands and individuals. Their success stems from a unique methodology that distinguishes them from other major players in the industry. While these industry giants excel in mass production, they often struggle to meet the tailored demands of luxury brands. Maison 21G, however, as a small brand is fast and agile, able to specialise in delivering bespoke, premium scent designs that perfectly align with the individual identities of their clients.

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Innovation and Excellence in Every Scent

Embracing a comprehensive 360-degree approach, their method encompasses the creation, diffusion, and development of bespoke scented objects, each meticulously tailored to their clients’ specific needs and packaging preferences. This holistic strategy has propelled Maison 21G to the forefront of luxury scent design, meeting the demand for exclusive, low-volume fragrance solutions that larger perfume houses struggle to accommodate.

They believe that every scent has a narrative to tell. Fueled by their passion for innovation and dedication to excellence, they craft fragrances that not only embody the essence of luxury but also elevate the brand experience for their clients. As their portfolio of prestigious partnerships continues to grow, their commitment remains steadfast in delivering bespoke scent solutions that are as unique and distinguished as the brands they serve.

In the realm of luxury scent design, Maison 21G stands ready to forge ahead as a pioneer. Rooted in creativity, agility, and a profound mastery of fragrance, they are the definitive choice for elevating your brand.

As scent marketing gains momentum, Maison 21G emerges as the quintessential brand to watch.

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