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Memecoin Dogeverse nears exchange listing after raising $15m in presale

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Dogeverse presale raises over $15 million, setting the stage for its highly anticipated exchange launch.

The trending Dogeverse presale has raised over $15 million, and now all eyes are on its exchange launch. Its total raise makes it one of 2024’s most fruitful presales, but this is no surprise given the market-wide memecoin frenzy and Dogeverse’s use case.

Dogeverse brings something new to the space

Memecoins have fared crypto’s hottest trend this year, and the sector’s market cap currently stands at a whopping $54 billion. Many projects have witnessed stunning growth, with the likes of Pepe and Floki up over 500% this year, while projects like Bonk and Dogwifhat have provided even more gains in recent quarters.

However, prominent memecoin trader Ansem speculates that the meme coin narrative will continue gathering pace, comparing it to the performance of layer 1 cryptos like Solana in the last cycle. But while the meme coin market’s outlook is promising, the newly launched Dogeverse is shaping up to be a top contender.

That’s because Dogeverse is the first doge-themed cryptocurrency to go multichain. Through this effort, the project’s potential to attract community and liquidity increases by orders of magnitude.

As per its whitepaper, Dogeverse will leverage Wormhole and Portal Bridge technology to launch on Ethereum, Solana, Base, Avalanche, Polygon, and BSC.

This effort encapsulates the essence of meme culture, providing a beacon for investors to unite behind, no matter which blockchain they use.

In addition to its interoperable approach, Dogeverse has developed a staking layer to reward users for locking up their tokens. There is currently a 55% APY on offer, but this will decrease as more tokens are staked, thereby incentivizing early adopters.

Indeed, given Dogeverse’s promising use case, it is no surprise that over 29 billion tokens are already staked.

Dogeverse presale draws analysts and media heavyweights

With over $15 million raised, the Dogeverse presale is turning heads among leading analysts and media outlets. For instance, YouTubers like ClayBro have predicted that Dogeverse could 10x following its initial exchange offering (IEO).

Meanwhile, Cilinix Crypto has covered the project numerous times. His most recent video covered the token’s widely anticipated exchange launch and noted that he invested in the presale. 

Leading media outfits, including CryptoPotato,, and WatcherGuru, have also covered the ICO. This reflects the project’s widespread interest while providing further exposure and laying the way for post-IEO success.

Dogeverse’s buzz is also apparent on social media, with it boasting over 18K followers on X and 11K members in its Telegram group. But these metrics are not without merit. For example, the Dogeverse X account offers witty and provocative memes, cultivating a stand-out narrative that distinguishes it from other meme coins.

So far, the Dogeverse presale has fared as a fan favorite and its IEO looks highly promising. However, as the project advances towards its exchange launch, time is running low for traders to buy DOGEVERSE at a discount presale price.

To learn more, visit the Dogeverse presale.

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