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Memecoin showdown: the race between Pepe Coin and Kangamoon

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Pepe and KangaMoon, two meme coins, are causing a stir in the cryptocurrency sphere with their value surges.

Pepe (PEPE) has seen a noticeable surge in value during the past trading sessions, as it’s 2,679.4% year-to-date (YTD) and increased positive market sentiment for the broader meme coin space alongside it. Moreover, another surge of 290% has been experienced by the KangaMoon (KANG) meme coin, which is still in the presale stage. 

As a direct result of the bullish momentum from both meme coins, many are speculating if KANG has the potential to pass Pepe. To see which one can reach the most notable growth, provide the highest ROI in 2024, and become a hopeful meme coin to buy, we will review both meme coins individually. 

Pepe grows 2,679.4% amid crypto price rally

Pepe has seen a surge in value during the past year, leaving many investors and traders curious about its future price potential. During the past year, the Pepe coin price has gone up by 2,679.4%, indicating an encouraging price rally.

Moreover, the Pepe crypto has gone up 14% within a single week and has moved up in value from $0.000004037 to a maximum point at $0.000009177 within the past 30 days. With its current rate of growth, it is projected to see positive momentum, and these can be attributed to the overall market bullishness, yield-programs that feature the Pepe crypto, and the investor interest in memecoins. Based on the Pepe price prediction, it could end 2024 at $0.0029.

KangaMoon grows 290% and could reach $1 by q4, 2024

KangaMoon is another cryptocurrency that’s seen a 290% price rally, despite just being at stage 5 of its blockchain ICO. This meme coin has also captured the attention of Pepe coin holders because it completely changes the meme coin space as it offers a vast level of utility. 

KANG is worth just $0.0196, and has spiked from a starting price of $0.005, providing a hopeful entry point for those aiming to diversify their holdings on a budget. Moreover, the platform has experienced over 20,000 registered users despite not yet fully launching, and there are over 6,0000 KANG holders.

The KangaMoon ecosystem enables anyone to take control of a character and engage with the Play-to-Earn (P2E) game. Through the KANG token, anyone can buy items and level up their characters to become more powerful. The platform also puts its focus on a community-driven approach and Social-Fi elements, which makes it a meme coin that has the potential to dominate the P2E space, a market projected to grow to $885 million by 2028. According to analysts, KangaMoon can rise in value to $1 by q4, 2024, positioning it as one of the promising memecoins on the market.


Pepe has surged during the past trading sessions, but on the weekly chart, it’s gone up by a much smaller percentage, which could hint that its major bullish run could soon end. In the meantime, the KangaMoon crypto has just begun to climb, and at this rate, it could be one of the projects to diversify with as it is prepared to reach new heights.

To learn more, visit the official Kangamoon website or follow the project via Telegram.

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