Mintel survey reveals nearly half of US teens 12-17 discover new BPC products via social media

Mintel survey reveals nearly half of US teens 12 17 discover new BPC products via social media

According to the most current available data from market research firm Statista, in 2022, there were about 25.8 million children between the ages of 12 and 17 living in the United States. This “digitally native” cohort of Gen Z consumers is known for being tech-savvy, having been the first generation to grow up with smartphones and social media. 

The impact of being so fluent in digital technology on Gen Z’s information consumption habits and decision-making processes cannot be overstated, and its influence can be seen across multiple industries, including cosmetics and personal care. As reported in a recent Mintel consumer data survey, nearly half (49%) of teens aged 12-17 learn about new BPC products through social media, and the US teen consumer is actively engaged with the beauty and personal care product industry through social media content. 

To learn more about the relationship between US teen consumers and beauty and personal care product brands and social media’s influence on this intimate relationship, we spoke to Joan Li, Senior Analyst, Beauty and Personal Care at Mintel, for her insights and key takeaways into Mintel’s recent report. 

The landscape of beauty on social media 

In understanding teens’ consumption habits and preferred beauty products, it is first necessary to note that “beauty is an especially social category with this group–our data indicates that two-thirds of teens and tweens enjoy talking about beauty brands and trends with their friends,” said Li. Naturally, she added, social media plays an integral role in facilitating this crucial communication as it “plays a large part in how teens and tweens talk about and recommend products to each other: platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are digital showcases where new products are discovered, discussed, and dissected.” 

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