Murmure: From a ballet dancer's dream to French-made beauty brand

Murmure From a ballet dancer s dream to French made beauty brand

In October 2023, former ballerina Emily Klein took her passion for beauty, design, and natural ingredients to new heights by co-founding Murmure, a French-made indie skin care brand. Klein, who danced with The American Ballet Theatre for a decade, transitioned from ballet to beauty with a clear vision: to create products that combine the elegance of ballet with the artistry of French skin care.

We spoke to Klein to learn more about the inspiration behind the brand launch, the R&D process that led to Murmure’s best-selling Mellow Mallow Cleanser and other botanical skin care products, and how the brand’s product collection fits into current skin care trends. 

The inspiration behind Murmure

“Performance weeks often meant washing my face up to four times a day,” recalled Klein, and “our season at the Metropolitan Opera could involve as many as three performances daily, requiring frequent removal of heavy stage makeup.” This experience led her to develop the Mellow Mallow Cleanser, a product designed to remove makeup and impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Murmure was born out of a collaboration with Klein’s husband Jonathan and their friend Nicolas, a French pharmacist specializing in botanical substances. They were inspired by the lifetime research of Jonathan’s godfather, Jean-Paul, a renowned herbalist. “We started the R&D with the idea to create a skin care line that combines Jean-Paul’s botanical discoveries, modern ingredients, and the artistry of French savoir-faire,” she explained.

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