'Not going to endorse anyone': Youngkin sidesteps backing Trump

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin dodged endorsing Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential bid by telling CNN Tuesday he is “laser focused” on his state’s elections this year.

The response has been Youngkin’s usual refrain when asked about his own presidential prospects.

Youngkin went on to say he would ultimately back the Republican on the 2024 ballot, a position Trump is currently favored to win.

“After polls close (in Virginia), I’m not going to endorse anyone,” Youngkin told CNN. “I think the voters should choose who the nominee is, and then of course I will support the Republican nominee.”

Polls in Virginia closed at 7 p.m. EST Tuesday.

Trump endorsed Youngkin in Virginia’s 2021 gubernatorial race, but the governor has kept the former president at arm’s length through his campaign and term.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Gov. Youngkin dodged endorsing Donald Trump in 2024

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