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Notcoin donates $6.8m NOT to Telegram’s Pavel Durov

Following a recent airdrop, Notcoin users expressed gratitude to Telegram founder Pavel Durov.

Over half a million users from the play-to-earn blockchain game donated 1.03 billion Notcoin (NOT) worth $6.8 million at current prices to Durov’s personal wallet address.  “Thanks for everything you guys built,” read the message addressed to the Telegram founder and his team. 

In response, Durov promised to hold the tokens until a $680 million price marker and acquire more Telegram servers to bolster operations.

Private messaging platform Telegram has supported blockchain development, and endorsed initiatives like The Open Network (TON). Such backing has allowed web3 builders to position products with exposure to Telegram’s 900 million worldwide users and on-chain participants generally.

Notcoin’s launch and airdrop

Notcoin leveraged this utility to launch its web3 mini application via TON in January, offering users a chance to mine tokens and earn rewards through quests. “We are now seeing a large wave of new mini-apps being built on Telegram and TON”, said Durov lauding the project.

After months of mining and several launch delays, Notcoin debuted its NOT native crypto with an airdrop, distributing over 80 billion tokens to early supporters. Due to initial sell-offs by recipients, NOT’s price fell sharply by some 55% as reported. 

Trading support on major exchanges like Binance, OKX, and KuCoin has since buoyed price action and CoinMarketCap noted a recovery as high as 5%. Also, NOT’s market cap recovered above $713 million. 

NOT price chart | Source: CoinMarketCap

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