Potion AI creators share insight into free AI tool for cosmetics formulators

In an exciting development for the cosmetics industry, last year Potion AI emerged as the first free artificial intelligence tool designed specifically for cosmetics formulators. As we covered in our top 3 startups at In-Cos Global article last month​, we chose Potion AI as our innovator to watch. Following this profile, we caught up with Co-founders Hejab Malik and Yahya Syed to discuss the inspiration, functionality, and future of Potion AI.

The Genesis of Potion AI

Potion AI was born out of a shared passion for both technology and beauty after the co-founders identified a significant gap in the industry: the lack of accessible, advanced tech tools to aid formulators in creating safe, effective, and innovative products.

Malik explained that the platform started after she and her co-founder tried to start their own skin care brand. They generated the formulas for the brand using their own AI algorithms – and when they took the formulations to a cosmetic chemist to produce the products, he advised that the workflow automation behind the formulations could have even greater industry impact. Malik and Syed heeded his advice, invested further in the technology, and brought Potion AI to market last year. 

How Potion AI Works

At its core, Potion AI leverages machine learning algorithms to analyze vast datasets of ingredient properties, safety profiles, and historical formulation successes and failures. As detailed on the company’s website, the platform’s AI-enabled search functionality offers formulators the opportunity to find the best ingredients faster “by searching how you think – in natural language.”  Formulators can also reverse engineer formulations by entering an INCI list, and then the Potion AI platform will “find the matching raw materials and blends from its database” which is the largest index of trade names on the market, the company’s website further details. 

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