Presidential Debate Memes That Channel Our Never-Ending Screams

President Joe Biden and convicted felon Donald Trump went toe-to-toe last night in a historic presidential debate that somehow managed to be even less professional than what we had previously anticipated. Illuminating the nation’s broader feelings of crisis and despair, the debate underscored the widely shared belief that Biden’s mumbles of a campaign point to elder abuse, and that Trump’s campaign, while comically unserious, would send us hurtling toward unbridled fascism.

As always, we must find ways to laugh so that we don’t cry, and the depressing material from last night is undoubtedly premium crop ripe for picking on. May the following memes be cathartic, validating, and temporarily mask the feelings of dread that will eventually overpower you through your sleep and leave you awake from 3am onwards.

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Everything is just fine! (post by @detachment_red via X)

It looks like some of us tried to protect our peace by skipping the debate in the first place. Others, however, were moved to take matters into their own hands to the extent they could:

Considering the ongoing Adderall shortage affecting the nation, I’d say that this act of selflessness is an example of how we look out for each other while the talking heads in government extract endlessly from us. On the other hand, we can finally put an end to the war on drugs and admit that we need Nara Smith at a time like this.

Trigger Warning: Not Safe for Empaths

Me trying to get one participation point but ending up Mitch McConnell-ing during the group project presentation for a required class that I’m actively failing.

The strip club might seem like the last place to watch the debate on mute, but it’s imperative to acknowledge that it was a sex worker who got Trump convicted in the first place.

Maybe the wax sculpture of Lincoln’s head melting off in Washington, DC, earlier this week was actually a premonition …

We know that everyone already makes fun of us on a global scale, but this “showdown” made things a little too real … Cut the cameras and someone get me an ice pack!

Trump caused a stir after claiming that “the millions of people that [Biden] has allowed to come through border have taken Black jobs” when answering the question about Black voter disappointment thus far, which begs the question … What exactly is a “Black job”?

If a legend like him couldn’t get through it, we are, as the people say, so cooked.

You know it’s bad when even corporate social media accounts throw in the towel …

Anyways, does anyone want to join me on a Ranch somewhere far away from this?

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Probably the most didactic visual we’ve seen of last night’s debate (post by @amandaseales via Instagram)

A Trump vs. Harris debate would almost certainly put me in the grave, but I can bank on the sad-but-funny content to zombify me against my will.

And might just work out for her.

And here we have the dichotomy of American political discourse.

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