Rebel Satoshi’s second token hints at growth amid Solana, ICP surge

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As Rebel Satoshi’s RECQ gears up for a huge surge post-exchange listing, Solana eyes a $250 milestone following a key resistance breakthrough, alongside a significant $80 million injection into the Internet Computer’s protocol for enhanced decentralization.

Rebel Satoshi (RECQ) has hinted at a possible tenfold increase as it advances further into its public presale and closer to its launch. Meanwhile, Solana (SOL) continues trending higher on the chart, with analysts offering bullish predictions about SOL. Also, Internet Computer (ICP) users committed $80 million to the development of decentralized applications.

Rebel Satoshi on the road to a tenfold growth

Rebel Satoshi is a decentralized meme project that aims to usher a new world order into the digital asset landscape. Its mission is to obliterate centralization in the cryptocurrency diaspora. That is, Rebel Satoshi seeks to take back power from the elite, the big banks, and institutions pushing centralization and hand this power to the masses.

Rebel Satoshi sets out with a team of individuals, and entities who have an aversion to central control in the financial world to achieve this noble objective. The rebellion is expected to turn the tide in the favour of RECQ holders, among other crypto enthusiasts. Its dual token ecosystem featuring RECQ and RBLZ allows for a wider broadband of functionalities.

RBLZ has already launched after a presale where it raised over $2.5 million and gave 150% ROI to investors. Now, the token is trading on four major exchanges.

Rebel Satoshi is in its Early Bird presale stage, trading for $0.0020 per token. RECQ promises investors a tenfold gain once the token launches.

Solana trumps crucial price barrier

On March 25, a cryptocurrency veteran and X user, Jelle, took to the media platform to foretell Solana’s journey after SOL broke above a critical resistance zone. The bears initially assumed dominance over this region when a market-wide retracement significantly impacted SOL’s price and momentum. This blow forced Solana below the $184 price level, which Jelle alluded to in his remark.

However, a recent rally saw Solana exceeding this price mark, affirming a bear takedown by the bulls. The crypto must also conquer the $201 region at SOL’s current price to escape any immediate dip threats. If this happens, Solana could proceed to its $259 all-time high.

Per the information on the chart, Solana rose 7.6% from $172.65 to $185.91 in four days. Achieving Jelle’s $201 prediction will necessitate an 8.1% increase in SOL’s price. This forecast sees Solana as a good crypto to buy for short-term returns.

ICP users contribute $80m to the growth of the ecosystem

Recently, the adopters of Internet Computer pooled $80 million to develop decentralized applications on the network in 2023. Several DeFi protocols related to the Internet Computer network benefitted immensely from the community-driven grant. One of these protocols is the DFINITY Foundation.

DFINITY Foundation disclosed that it received 6.5 million ICP tokens for this effort. The Internet Computer Service Nervous System (SNS) collected and dispensed the funds to the target protocols to ensure an even distribution. Other dApps on the Internet Computer network that benefitted from the grant are OpenChat, Dragginz, Kinic, Hot or Not, and Ghost.

During the week the report was released, Internet Computer ascended from $10.91 to $17.67, imitating the market-wide rally. This 61.9% surge placed Internet Computer among the best-performing altcoins for the week. Considering its current price path, experts predicted another jump to $20 soon, amounting to a 13.1% increase in Internet Computer’s price.

To learn more about the project, visit the official Rebel Satoshi Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram.

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