Rusty-old Toyota Qualis beautifully restored to factory condition [Video]

Toyota, as a manufacturer, is known for making reliable cars. Their first product in the Indian market was the Qualis MPV, available from 2000 to 2004. It was later replaced by the Toyota Innova, another superhit product from the Japanese car manufacturer. Finding a well-maintained Qualis these days is quite difficult, but we have featured many Qualis on our website that have been cleanly modified in the past. In this video, a rusty old Toyota Qualis has been neatly restored and brought back to its former glory.

The video has been shared by PVT Autoconcept on their YouTube channel. It starts with an old Toyota Qualis that looks good on the outside. It had come to the workshop for restoration work. There were a couple of dents and patchworks on the body, but other than that, everything looked fine. However, upon close inspection under the mat, the floor was completely rusted, and some panels had developed gaps too. The wires under the carpet were all exposed, and the car was not in good condition.

The workshop completely removed the mat, seats, and other trims to get a better view of the damage. Upon inspection, it was revealed that even the roof of the MPV had several rust holes in it. Once they stripped the car completely, they started working on it. All the panels with rust were identified, marked, and those portions were cut. Once the rusted portions were removed, a new piece of metal was welded back to the base to get a clean look and also fill the gap. Similar treatment was done to almost all the rusted panels.

Rusty-old Toyota Qualis beautifully restored to factory condition [Video]
Toyota Qualis restored

As mentioned earlier, the car was completely stripped for this restoration work. Once this was done, the original paint and putty on the car were sanded off to prepare the base for the paint job. After sanding, some of the panels were given a putty treatment again to get an even finish. The excess putty was later removed, as seen in the video. Sealants were applied to the panels that had gaps or were newly welded back. This is often done to avoid rusting in these places.

Once the bodywork was completed, the car was prepared for the paint job. Primer was applied to the whole car, and then the MPV was painted in the same Red shade as before. The panels were painted in this beautiful shade of Red, and a clear coat was also applied. After the paint had completely dried out, they installed all the trims like the chrome grille, new headlamps, Qualis badge on fenders, new ORVMs, and so on. The interior of the Qualis was also customized. The car was painted in dual-tone.

An aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system was installed, while the rest of the dashboard remains stock. The door pads are all covered in red-colored leatherette upholstery. The seat covers are custom-made and look extremely clean. The wheels are stock, and the wheel caps look aftermarket. The steering wheel and other trims in the car were left as they were. The finished product does look very neat in the video.

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