Scooter Hits 12 Crore Rupee McLaren Supercar: What Really Happened [Video]

Importing supercars from Dubai and other countries via Carnet has become very common in India. We recently came across a video of one such supercar – the McLaren 765 LT, which costs around Rs 12 crore. The same car was involved in an accident after a Honda Activa scooter rider crashed into it from the rear. The crash was recorded online, and there are several versions of it available on the internet. Here, we have another video that gives us a better view of what exactly happened and who is at fault.

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The video has been shared by Hemanth on his Instagram page. It was recorded from a two-wheeler that was in front of the McLaren. The video shows several bikes and scooters following the supercar, and the TVS Wego scooter rider was one among them. As the rider and the pillion were following the car blindly, they completely overlooked the bike that was on the left-hand side of the road. As they approached the bike, the biker suddenly moved forward without looking at the traffic coming from behind.

The TVS Wego rider did swerve the scooter a bit, but that was of no use. The handlebar of the scooter hit the KTM Duke, and within no time, they lost balance and fell down. The reason why the KTM Duke rider moved to the right was because there were a couple of scooter riders parked in front of him and were blocking the way. It is not certain whether these riders were also following the supercar or were on their way to some other destination.

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Both the bike and the scooter fell down, and on their way down, they rubbed against the bumper of the McLaren 765 LT supercar. This new video gives us a better angle of the incident and shows who was at fault here. The McLaren driver was not responsible here in any manner. He was driving at a sane speed, and it was the two-wheeler riders and carspotters who were being careless here. The video posted by Hemanth comes with a caption that says, “While the eagerness to capture videos or photos is understandable, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. Reckless driving poses risks not only to yourself but also to others on the road.”

Activa Hits 12 Crore Rupee McLaren Supercar: What Really Happened [Video]
Scooter rider crashed into McLaren

The video has over 794 comments, and one of the users wrote, “Minor scratches on ppf, no worries, 765 is safe.” Another user wrote, “Actually, everyone who is following the car that closely is at fault! Why isn’t the infamous Innova behind cause that’s where a convoy car should be? Probably because ALL those 2 wheelers NEVER let that car pass them which is stupid! PS: Can’t really say whether the Bike or the Scooter is at fault here cause in my opinion both of them are as it could have happened to ANY 2 wheeler that was following in such close proximity! Stay safe guys and never tailgate a Supercar!”

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The McLaren 765 LT seen in the video is a pretty rare car. This model is officially sold by McLaren in India and costs around Rs 12 crore. The car belongs to businessman Ranjit Sundermurthy, commonly known as RSM. You would be surprised to know that McLaren also has a Spider version of the same model, and it has already found a customer. It is owned by a Hyderabad-based businessman Naseer Khan. The McLaren 765 LT is powered by a robust 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine, generating an impressive 765 PS and 800 Nm of peak torque. This powertrain is mated to a 7-speed sequential gearbox, and the power is sent to the rear wheels only.

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