SlowMist founder warns users of phishing attacks via Telegram

SlowMist founder Yu Xian, known as “Cos” on X, warned Telegram users of heightened phishing attacks in the Telegram ecosystem. 

In an X post on Monday, Xian claimed that phishing links and scam bots can easily be spread between Telegram users due to the platform’s open source and free nature, claiming “the Telegram ecosystem is too free.”

Moreover, Xian says that a new method to lure users’ TON wallets has risen using “Anonymous Telegram Numbers.” these numbers are very similar to phone numbers and users can create anonymous accounts on Telegram. 

The founder of the blockchain security platform added that attackers can phish these numbers which will lead to the loss of the whole account and even the wallet associated with it. 

Xian suggests enabling an independent password, for example, two-step verification.

Moreover, a user with the X handle “amoy_Lw” criticized the gaming ecosystem built on Telegram: “this gaming ecosystem is in great conflict with Telegram’s development philosophy.” 

In addition, he stated that Telegram’s foundation promotes user privacy while games are trying to attract people “to create activity.” 

However, it’s not just the mini-games on Telegram that have triggered an increase in scams. Per a report on June 21, scammers have been targeting cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Bybit, MEXC, and, with fake stablecoins on The Open Network (TON).

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