These 12 pillars of attraction will transform your recruiting

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The strength and consistency of your brokerage’s or team’s attraction efforts can mean the difference between mediocrity and greatness. As the leader in your firm, you’re not just a manager, you’re an architect designing the future of your business.

Just as a building relies on a strong foundation to stand tall, a brokerage or team depends on a reliable, proven and consistent agent attraction process or system as its foundation. The 12 pillars of attraction form the foundation on which exceptional brokerages and teams are built.


In an excerpt from Jolt: High Voltage Agent Attraction, recruiters are given the task of choosing and implementing four pillars of attraction from the list of 12. The key to this strategy is that you must build each pillar as if it is the only thing you are going to do to achieve 100 percent of your attraction goal.

If, in your action plans, we can’t see a clear path to 100 percent, then we revisit it to ensure it’s actually a legitimate pillar. The distinction between attracting vs. recruiting is that by building your brokerage’s or team’s value proposition so that it is so attractive and well articulated, you won’t need to recruit because you will become attractive to potential agents.

Here is a quick summary of the 12 pillars of attraction. As you look through them, determine which four you would choose to build your brokerage, team or brand. 

Pillar No. 1: Agent referral program

This is where you create a flow of referrals from your existing agents. Your current agents are your ambassadors. Empower them with incentives to scout for talent, and watch as they bring you the best in the business. It’s about creating a culture where everyone is invested in the team’s growth. Encourage them to share success stories and the tangible benefits of being part of your team, making the recruitment process a collective effort.

Pillar No. 2: See 20 people

This potential gold mine is an example of proactive engagement to recruit wherever we see other real estate agents. It’s a commitment to connect with at least 20 real estate professionals every week in various settings, from industry conferences to open houses. This approach requires a keen eye for talent and the ability to articulate your brokerage’s value proposition compellingly. There is no substitute for face-to-face connecting and serving agents in the marketplace.

Pillar No. 3: Top 50 

The people who know you best can be your greatest allies in your agent attraction efforts. Identify the top 50 agents you would most like to add to your company and have one personal touch with each every month providing something of value. I’m not talking about a jar of jam, but rather something that will help them in their business whether or not they ever join.

Extend your reach into pools of talent you haven’t yet touched. Their personal endorsements can speak volumes about your leadership and the supportive environment your team offers.

Pillar No. 4: Always be recruiting

This pillar focuses on people who are not currently in real estate. You may encounter a restaurant server, a teacher or a nurse, for example, who displays exceptional customer service, someone who is naturally great with people and genuinely cares about their job and your satisfaction. Wouldn’t they make a great agent? Wherever you are, you should have the mindset to always be recruiting. 

Pillar No. 5: Serving as part of networking 

Build genuine connections by contributing to your community and industry. Volunteer, join boards and participate in events not just to be seen but to serve. This selfless approach often leads to organic recruiting opportunities as you become a respected figure in the community. Never violate codes of ethics or recruit at events where it is not permitted. Use the opportunity to serve the industry, develop relationships, and demonstrate leadership. You will be shocked as you do this at the opportunities that will present themselves.

Pillar No. 6: Prior agents and clients

This pillar is often overlooked because we think our clients may not be interested, and our prior agents have moved on. In reality, they can be some of our best sources of attraction. Former agents and past clients know the quality of your work and may be ready for a change or know someone who is. Keep these relationships warm, and when the time is right, they could provide a valuable referral or even return to your team.

Pillar No. 7: Social media

Craft targeted ads that speak to the aspirations of potential recruits. Showcase your company culture, success stories and the support you provide to agents. Engage with your audience and create content that positions your firm as the go-to place for ambitious real estate professionals.

Social connections and authentic engagement with agents in your market keep you at the front of their minds. We don’t know when people are going to want to move or for what reason, we can, however, stay connected and deliver content and engagement that allows us to be considered. 

Pillar No. 8: New licensees

For those open to hiring newly licensed agents, this pillar is about creating a welcoming and supportive environment that nurtures their growth. Offer mentorship programs, training and a clear path to success.

By investing in new talent, you’re building a pipeline of loyal agents who can grow with your company. What do you do or can you do to help new agents gain success in a more rapid timeframe? The promise of success and speed to revenue is attractive. If you don’t have a system, it may be time to build one.

Pillar No. 9: Retiring agents

Retiring agents often have a wealth of knowledge and a strong client base. By offering to help them transition out of the business, you can tap into their network and potentially onboard agents who can benefit from their mentorship. This can be a win-win situation, providing continuity for their clients and growth opportunities for your firm.

There is a tremendous number of agents who are in the twilight of their careers. They have served and have strong brand equity but are not ready to hang it up yet. Attracting these agents with a sincere, real transition plan that honors their timing can be a gold mine in recruiting. 

Pillar No. 10: Agent workshops and events

Events drive revenue. This works in every business in and around real estate. Attraction and recruiting are no exceptions. 

​​Hosting workshops and events is a fantastic way to add value to the agent community. By providing educational and networking opportunities, you position your firm as a leader in the industry. Agents looking for growth will see your company as a place where they can develop their skills — and careers. 

Pillar No. 11: Co-op agents

This is where we create a streamlined process of connecting with agents who have cooperated on transactions with your agents. Many of these co-op agents who you like and who have provided real value during the transaction are oftentimes dissatisfied with their current brokerage or they don’t feel appreciated and may jump at the chance to learn about yours. 

Pillar No. 12: Your unique pillar

This one is completely yours. You just might have a pillar of agent attraction I haven’t listed and that you’ve found to be very effective. The goal is simply to do what works, so by all means, use it.

The goal

Don’t get overwhelmed thinking you’ll need to apply all 12 pillars at the same time for your agent attraction efforts. Pick four and only focus on those four. Your goal is to reach your overall agent attraction goal in each of the four pillars.

So if you want to add 10 agents this year, you would build your plan in each of the four chosen pillars to attract and recruit 10 from each one. I like to call this failing up. Two of the four will hit, one might hit at 50 percent and one at 25 percent. The results will be that you overdeliver and blow away your goals.

Verl Workman is founder and CEO of Workman Success Systems. Connect with him on LinkedIn or Instagram.

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