This Week In Space podcast: Episode 103 — Starship's Orbital Feat

On Episode 103 of This Week In Space, Rod and Tariq talk with’s Dr. Mike Wall about last week’s third test flight of SpaceX’s Starship.

The successful launch, ascent, staging, and testing of propellant transfer and the cargo bay door were all brilliant, yet both vehicles were destroyed before completing their planned trajectories, and the upper stage didn’t make it into orbit (though it did reach “orbital velocity,” according to Elon).

So what’s the real story on this test flight? When will the next one be? How close is SpaceX to routine launches of Starship, and when might it be ready to land NASA astronauts on the moon? And finally–an interstellar Starship, really Elon?

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Space news of the week

Model Falcon 9!


A Celestron telescope on a white backgroundA Celestron telescope on a white background

A Celestron telescope on a white background

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