Toddler Halloween Costumes They’ll Want to Wear More than Once

These toddler Halloween costumes can keep up with any little one

Maybe it’s your first time taking them trick-or-treating, or maybe they’re still not quite ready. Even if you just want to make them happy and take some adorable pictures, these toddler Halloween costumes are perfect for little ones, no matter what spooky season stage they’re in! Toddler costumes have come a long way, too. Brands have started thinking through how they’ve made costumes for kids, and we really appreciate the “extra” effort. They’re way more comfortable and sensory-friendly than the plastic ponchos and masks we wore at that age (shudder), and some even work after All Hallows Eve as PJs or playsuits. Many of these also were designed to be just a pull-over or a step-in-and-zip, making them ideal for squirmy littles. Plush fabrics, soft headpieces, and not many masks make them fun and comfortable for kiddos just getting the hang of Halloween. Read on for some of our favorite finds!

Toddler Witch Costume

toddler witch costume
Spirit Halloween

Your mini will put a spell on everyne they come in contact with in this classic witch costume! It includes a dress, hat, and tights.

Toddler Witch Costume ($29.99)—Buy Here!

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