Two Poems

In the Wake of

The deep lung recesses,
rumors of bees on speedwell,
no oxidative stress just
effortless pollination.

Dry-gust winds.
Dust winds its way
through discreet cracks.

Alveoli seized by misstep
of past future
forecast covariates.

Surface tension tweaks
to parts per million particulates.






In the Wake of

Midair dream calculations.
The wandering pineal sac stays put.
The corpus callosum sketches perplexity
between light and dark,
a border of irrationality,
a forest of illogical trees.

The underlid mottle pine-infused.
A sleep of molecular replications –
trees not trees, evergreens not evergreens.
Dizzying pseudowhorls,
a live-wired vascularity.

Between phloem and bark
the thin-walled cortex,
the connective dream marrow.


Image © Annie Spratt

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