WienerAI gains investor traction as it hits $7M in presale

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WienerAI, a trending meme token, raises over $7M in just three months. It features an AI bot for crypto insights.

A trending new meme called WienerAI (WAI) has been gaining increasing attention of late. This AI-powered token’s presale has been a huge hit, crossing the $7 million milestone in just three months.

Far from your regular memecoin, WienerAI has developed a powerful AI bot promising profitable insights to crypto traders. Early investors also have a chance to stake their WAI tokens for a high APY, which will decrease as more investors join the staking pool.

Investors back WAI as it raises $7 million

WienerAI’s presale has been a huge hit after its official launch about three months ago, and the $7m invested into it shows that this new project is here to stay.

Early buyers are rushing in to get their share of WAI tokens, which they can grab for just $0.000725 each at press time. That’s about the same as investing $1,000 and getting 1,379,310 WAI tokens back.

This price will likely increasing throughout the presale stage, with the next price expected increase in less than two days.

Looking at the initial investor response and traction, the developers went on X (formerly Twitter) to thank early supporters after the presale crossed the $7 million milestone. They said, “The journey is just beginning.”

The coming weeks could be exciting for buyers because 10% of all WAI is reserved for exchange listings after the presale ends. As a result, many investors are backing this hot new AI token as we enter into the second half of the year.

A memecoin with an AI trading bot & high staking APY

The memecoin has already caught investor attention with its unique sausage theme, but its utility extends much beyond being just a funny coin. WienerAI offers a powerful AI-powered trading bot.

Let’s say you’re thinking about making a trade but aren’t sure if it’s the right thing to do. You can simply ask WienerAI, “Should I put money into this token?” Watch as the bot goes through huge amounts of data and comes up with a full analysis.

But WienerAI does more than just predict. It can also help you execute trades. When you’re ready to trade, the bot can do swaps across multiple DEXs and protect you from MEV attacks to make sure you don’t get front-run.

And the best part? It’s free to use.

WienerAI gains investor traction as it hits $7M in presale - 2

To top it off, WienerAI also lets you stake your WAI tokens to earn high passive income. Early stakers can get a much higher yield—around 160% at the time of writing. Here, it’s worth mentioning that over 6.4 billion WAI tokens are already being staked, showing high investor confidence.

You can enter WienerAI’s Telegram group to get real-time updates on the project’s progress.

The buzz around ai can set the stage for WAI to surge

Everyone is wondering if WAI will go through the roof when it gets listed on exchanges. The early signs look pretty good.

Often, presales witnessing an explosive start see huge gains when they hit the open market. With over $7 million raised in just a few months, investor interest could explode when WAI is listed on DEXs.

In fact, buyers are most excited about the overall market trends and opportunities that lie at the intersection of AI and cryptos.

AI-focused cryptos are highly popular—they have a market cap of $21 billion at the time of writing, and their trading volume was over $1.9 billion over the past day alone.

The sector has gained even more popularity recently, with talks about the ASI merger. This will bring together big AI projects like SingularityNET, Ocean Protocol, and If the ASI merger starts a new bull run for AI coins, it could help all AI-related projects grow, including WienerAI.

Another reason early investors feel more secure about investing in the project is that SolidProof has audited WienerAI.

A combination of AI-based trading tools and high staking yield can continue to attract new users and help the platform grow over time.

To buy tokens, you can use ETH, BNB, USDT, or even a credit/debit card. After the presale ends, investors can claim their tokens using the same crypto wallet they used to buy them.

For more information, visit the WienerAI presale website or follow the project on X.

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