Women in Sarees And Sandals Ride Dirt Bikes On Road [Video]

The number of women coming forward to drive cars and ride bikes and scooters has increased tremendously in India in the last decade. We now have women who not only ride bikes but also perform stunts using them. We have come across several videos of women riders from around the world, and here we have one such video from our neighboring country Nepal, where women wearing sarees and sandals are seen riding dirt bikes on the road.


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The video has been shared by Surakshya KC and Jharna Chhantyal on their Instagram profiles. In this video, we see both these girls riding Honda CRF series dirt bikes. The motorcycle is not offered in India but is available for sale in Nepal (Sigh!). We see both girls riding the dirt bike on the streets of Nepal; however, what makes this video special is their attire. Both of them are wearing sarees and sandals.

They are riding the bike without any issues, which means they are experts in this. We checked their Instagram profiles and found that they are both women riders from Nepal and have posted several videos related to bikes on their profiles. They even have videos where they are performing wheelies and pop-ups. While this may look like a very attractive video that may inspire many women, we do not recommend people to pull such stunts as sarees won’t prevent road rash in the event of a crash.

women in saree riding bikes
women in saree riding bikes

A few days ago, we came across a similar video from India where two girls wearing one-piece dresses and heels were seen riding a Royal Enfield Bullet on a main road. Neither of these girls was wearing a helmet nor any other safety gear, and they were riding this motorcycle at a high speed. The video was posted online and had gone viral too. The dirt bike video from Nepal was also recorded with a similar intention.


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The video was recorded by one of the riders’ friends so that it could be posted online. We do not suggest people ride a bike or any two-wheeler without any safety gear or proper attire. In this case, the girls were wearing a saree, and the chances of it getting caught between the wheels or some other panel are pretty high. If that happens, the rider could easily lose control and fall on the road, resulting in serious injuries for both riders.

As mentioned above, this was recorded just for the sake of publicity on social media. Both riders were wearing proper riding helmets, which we appreciate. On the profile, there are other videos posted by the users, and in most of them, they are wearing proper riding gear, including shoes and helmets.

This means they do give importance to safety, and the saree video was just to create viral content for social media. If it was for the sake of social media, we would have appreciated it if they took their dirt bikes to a private track or property to do this stunt or record the video. Doing this on a public road attracts a lot of attention, and people even get distracted on the road.

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