KTM Rider Dangerously Rides On Wrong Side: BUSTED! [Video]

Reckless riding is a major problem on our roads. We have come across several videos in the past where riders have acted irresponsibly, creating inconvenience for other road users. We recently came across one such video from Kerala, where a reckless KTM rider created chaos on the road by riding dangerously on the wrong side. The video of the biker went viral, and soon the police took action against him.

The video has been shared on various social media platforms. In this video, we see a rider on a KTM RC motorcycle riding recklessly on a public road. The rider is not only riding in a dangerous manner but also on the wrong side of the road. He is riding on a two-lane highway, and we can see vehicles such as cars, bikes, and even a bus coming from the opposite direction.

The rider was swerving the bike on the wrong side of the road and narrowly escaped crashing into a bus. The video was recorded by a friend of the rider who was following him on another two-wheeler. This stunt was done just for the sake of creating viral social media content.

As soon as the video was posted online, many people reposted it, and it gained a lot of attention. Most of them were not comfortable with the biker’s style of riding. Most people who came across the video started posting negative comments under it. Not only that, but they also tagged the Kerala Police to take action against the rider.

Eventually, the cops did come across the video and started looking for the rider. It was a bit of a challenging task as the bike the rider was using didn’t have any registration number. With the help of social media and CCTV cameras installed in different parts of the city, the cops managed to trace him and took the bike into custody. They also arrested the rider.


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The 22-year-old rider had bought the bike 6 months ago and was doing such dangerous stunts on the road for publicity on social media. This is not the first time we have come across a case like this. In many such cases, cops have actually suspended the license of the rider and even canceled the registration of the bike.

There are comments suggesting that a similar action was taken against the rider in this case; however, we cannot confirm the same. We do appreciate the fact that the rider was wearing a proper riding helmet; however, that doesn’t give him the right to act in such an irresponsible manner.

Reckless rider on KTM RC
Reckless rider on KTM RC

By riding on the wrong side of the road, he was risking not just his life but the lives of other road users. The chances of him losing control and crashing into an oncoming vehicle were pretty high.

We do not recommend anyone to perform such stunts on public roads. If you really want to show off your so-called riding skills, look for a closed road or a private track, as public roads are not the place for the same.

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